Strategic Marketing Matrix™ Template

Instructions for Creating Your Personal or Organizational Matrix for Manifestation

Step 1

Articulate your ultimate vision and desired outcomes in the Center of the Table.

Step 2

Identify the 8 most significant programs, products or services you do or could provide to accomplish your ultimate vision/mission and place them in the cells nearest the Center.

Step 3

Review the 24 possible components shown as possible examples in the outermost cells and select the ones most relevant to helping you accomplish your ultimate vision. Then replace any of the less relevant examples with components more applicable to your Strategic Marketing Matrix.

Step 4

Brainstorm the intermediary types of programs, projects, and or initiatives that could drive customers and traffic from the outer cells toward and into the Central 8 surrounding the Center.

Step 5

Enter the most important 16 programs, projects or activities into the 16 remaining blank cells.


Step 6

Frequently review, visualize, refine and enhance any of the components as you are Guided to do so.

Step 7

Pray, Meditate, Radiate Love, Light and Appreciation for the realization of your ultimate vision and Flow Your Energy Toward It

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Strategic Marketing Matrix Template

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