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For the Ultimate Destiny Success System

The Ultimate Destiny Success System provides tools and resources for learning how to apply “Successful Living Skills for the 21st Century” in 12 major areas of fulfilling one’s “Ultimate Destiny” (whatever that means to each individual). The “pieces of the ultimate success puzzle” and the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award winners (whose content and resources are featured in the Ultimate Destiny publications) were determined over a two year period by participants in our online quizzes. This page supplements the book proposal and Foreword for the Ultimate Destiny Success System and the Investment Marketing Memorandum for Ultimate Destinyland.  It demonstrates how we will ensure the ultimate success of the Ultimate Destinyland™ programs and our Campaign to Expand the Circle of Success and our vision of Solving Personal, Community and Global Success Puzzles.  One component of that strategy is to help establish a national (and then international) network of CAN DO! Community Economic Development Resource Centers. 

Primary Publications and Programs in the Ultimate Destiny Success System

Supplemental Publications, Programs and Resources from Ultimate Destinyland Benefit Corporation and Ultimate Destiny University

Each program in the Ultimate Destiny Success System includes: a web site, Facebook Page and Group, Pinterest board, an ebook,  print book, a CD ROM, free introductory articles, quizzes, 111 to 225 pages of self-assessments, discovery exercises, application exercises, Featured Resources, an Empowerment Journal, follow up implementation tools, free bonuses, ezines, teleseminars, webinars, live events including seminars, workshops and playshops, and access to University for Successful Living coaching and mentoring, affiliate programs, training-of-trainers certification, and priority consideration for the licensing and franchising opportunities.   Every digital and print book, program, product and service provided by participants in Ultimate Destinyland™ (which includes our for-profit Ultimate Destiny Network, Inc. and our affiliated non-profit Ultimate Destiny University) is designed to provide valuable and meaningful content, develop lasting trusted relationships and cross promote all of our other programs, products and services including those from the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award winners and the 101+ affiliate programs we feature and endorse.

Supplemental Publications, Programs and Resources from Ultimate Destinyland

Ohter Supplemental Publications and Programs from Affiliated Organizations

Primary Cause-Oriented Companies and Affiliated Non-Profit Organizations

Examples of Shared Vision Statements

Love Cooperation by Holmes - Strategic Marketecture
Dalai Lama Quote - Strategic Marketecture
Ernest Holmes Quote - Strategic Marketecture
Buckminster Fuller Quote - Strategic Marketecture

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