Collaborative Infopreneurship

The Collaborative Infopreneurship Network aims at being the most sought-after worldwide hub to publish, market and acquire meaningful resources for 100% betterment of humanity.

The Collaborative Infopreneurship Network was established as a Benefit Corporation by cause-oriented companies and affiliated non-profit organizations. The shared vision of cofounders is to provide expanded access to state-of-the-art resources for Infopreneurship or “information marketing.” That will include: print and digital publishing, online training platforms, seminars and workshops, program and product development, evergreen webinars, strategic alliances, joint venture, marketing and distribution, etc.

Its intentions are to demonstrate cocreative collaborative enterprises, incorporate the principles and practices of Community Economic Development which include Self-help, Empowerment and Capacity-building. It is as well to harness and demonstrate the power of the Benefit Corporation model, help demonstrate Crowd Funding and Crowd Financing provisions of the JOBS Act.


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March 12, 2018

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