All activities are designed to reinforce each other and optimize the core revenue streams.
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01. Research

Identify Niche Markets
Identify Resource Providers
Select Joint Venture Partners
Identify Keyword Phrases
Identify Potential Bonuses
Locate Best Training Resources
Obtain Fulfillment Capability
Identify Memberships to Join

02. Capacity Building

Attract and Develop Team
Acquire Hardware and Software
Complete Training Programs
Build Opt In Lists
Web Sites and Domain Names
Acquire Rights to Content
Join Mentoring Programs
Set Up Virtual Office Capability

03. Product Development

Create Original Content (Books, E-books, Audio Video, Courses)
Repurpose Original and Public Domain IP Content for Internal & External Use
Create Marketing FunnelS with Full Range of Prices
Develop and deliver Seminars, Webinars and Live Multi-Day Events

08. Replication and Expansion

Affiliate Programs
Translation In Other Languages
Private Labeling & Co-branding
Licensing and Franchising
Expanding the Circle of Success
Continuous Adaptations

Central Core Revenue Streams

Cross Selling and Upselling
producing and Promoting Big Ticket Programs and Products
Conducting ongoing research and development
marketing ETMS (Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems)
marketing Empowerment Resource Centers
developing and offering Retreat Center Programs

04. Strategic Marketecture

Develop & Leverage Multiple Distribution Channels
Provide Hundreds of Free and Low Cost Introductory Products
Offer Quizzes and Assessments
build and maintain online communities
Meet Online, Take Offline ASAP
Combine “Brick and Mortar” and “Click and Learn”
produce multi-media content iternet Radio and Video

07. Customer Services and Retention

Utilize Bio Data Questions
provide Personalized Services
Personal Interaction
Ongoing Special Offers
offer Referral Incentives
utilize quizzes and surveys to engage and maintain relationshipsS

06. Community and Relationship Building

Provide Customized Programs and Products Tailored to Niche
Provide Membership Services
Develop Fundraising programs to encourage participation
develop strategic Alliances with Non-Profits
Produce Special Editions for Hall of Fame Award Winners
establish international network of local centers for successful living

05. Attract Customers

Free Publicity
News Releases
Articles and Ads
Newsletters and Ezines
Free Products
Testimonials and Referrals
Joint Ventures
Free Coaching Sessions
Valuable Free Bonuses

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